Tuesday, November 2

accidental WORLD : Roboville.

Something for amateurs by Japs.

Dental students like us, before qualified to treat real humans, we hone our skills on Manikins, right? Guess what. Japanese robot maker, Tmsuk and Showa University had developed a 5-foot-tall Japanese woman manikin instead of that boring, plain, ugly-looking ordinary manikin present in the current time.

What's so great about this female-manikin? Despite being very pretty (no kidding!), she can stimulate real treatment scenarios by opening and closing her mouth, turn her head, and the most awesome thing bout it is that she can say "Ouch! It hurts!" if you did something wrong, Ha ha.

She can also respond to questions like "Are you okay?". I wonder what she'll answer to that huh. This fabulous android can also have a gag reflex if you accidentally touch her uvula, and when her cheeks are stimulated, there are actually saliva-like fluid excreted! So suctions are needed.

Dentists can also practice to apply some fake Novocaine and ask her if she's okay. She will answer affirmatively if you did it right.

Too good to be true?

Why female, if you wonder? They say that it was designed that way as to let dentist-in-training to be extra careful and sensitive to female patients in the future. Touching her breast is a big no-no! Genius. I like their thinking.

Okay, okay, I know you are sooooo eager to see how this android looks like.

Prettyyyy, right? (duhh, absolutely if you compare it to the eyeless manikin), Haw haw haw.

Oh, have I told you her name? Beautiful as it is, her name is Hanako Showa. lol.

A must-have android yaw! :D