Saturday, November 6

accidental NEWS : IIUM Corporate Video 2010

New Corporate Video?

Hello everyone. Salam and good morning!

Remember the other day when there were cameraman and photographer came to shoot in each and every kulliyyah? Well, the video is out!

Find out if you are featured  :)

Comments :
Personally, too much of Gombak campus tho. But to think of it, comparing Kuantan campus to that of Gombak, there's nothing much to be included. Haha. So be patient, maybe next year when new Kulliyyahs, mosque, admin, and not to forget our very own sports complex launched, they might include more of our lovely Kuantan campus. 

Insyaallah :)


  1. aik, ni yg lma kn..nape bro shahrul gmbr dia kt

  2. Haha it should be the new one because we(2nd yr) were there when they shot the scene in prostho lab :D

  3. Alamak. I viewed in youtube okay. Then something went wrong bila upload. Okay. Thanx! :D