Wednesday, November 3

accidental NEWS : Updates on our new Kulliyyah building.

Are we moving?

Picture taken in August 2010.

I'm sure everyone is very excited and can't wait for our new official kulliyyah building to be ready. I hope everyone knows it's location by now, don't you? Anyway, if you still haven't had the chance to take a little walk around the campus and find this huge kulliyyah-to-be, ease peasy. From IIUM main entrance, instead of turning right where the usual path we take everyday to go to class, mahallah, cafeteria and etc., just turn left! You'll encounter a building with a tall grand entrance slanted towards Bukit Istana. Dr. Bo calls it 'Menjunjung Kasih'.

Currently it's the road less traveled but insyaallah soon when the kulliyyah is ready, it might be the busiest road in campus! Who knows. LOL.

We've all heard from our beloved dean regarding all the cool high-technology equipments that we'll be pampered with, and facilities that will make us among the best dental school worldwide. 

Picture taken recently, November 2010.
Can you spot the progress? Estimated to be ready by February/March 2011. Ohh can't wait! But don't forget, "First class facilities must come with first class mentality."

Note : Don't forget to clean your stations and take infection control measures so that you won't be fined RM50! :)


  1. best if optimalizing function of facilities accordance with interests of department, he he

  2. seen when you are on the highway

  3. Its the architects who called it 'menjunjung kasih' ;)