Monday, November 1

accidental FACT : Root Canal Treatment.

What is RCT?

Root canal treatment (RCT) is an endodontic treatment that involves removal of soft tissues that fills the pulp canal and filled with inert materials, so that the non-viable tooth can be retained in the oral cavity.

Although dentists numbs the tooth, most patients often hate the sound of the drill. Dentophobias! lol.

Potential Remedy.

Recently scientists had discovered a nano-sized dental film that contains alpha-Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (a-MSH). It's only 1/50 000th of a human's hair! The function of this gel is that it can help regenerate dental pulp via increasing the number of cells that fight inflammation in pulp fibroblasts.

Instead of having to drill the tooth, just apply MSH-containing gels on adjacent to the affected tooth and voila! it may encourage the tooth to heal from inside. Research was done on mice teeth to prove it theoretically, and after approximately a month, the cavities that present before disappeared!

This may be a huge intervention in dentistry, and just imagine if in the future, this theory becomes clinically proven safe on humans, dentists might not even have to drill anymore! Who knows? lol.

Anyway, bare in mind that MSH only help treat cavities, not prevent them so don't you ever, ever dream to skip any toothbrushing schedule, ya?

Twice daily, at least :)

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