Thursday, November 4

accidental FUN FACTS : #1 Do You Know?

Fun in Dentistry?

Bet you're questioning, is it possible to find anything interesting in dentistry? Here are some facts that might open your eyes.

1. Our teeth are unique, like fingerprints. Even among twins! Next time you encounter twins, try to observe and justify.
Difference of teeth sets in twins.

2. Some cheese are found to prevent occurrence of tooth decay. Yippie yay! 
Mozzarella, Swiss, Cheddar and Gouda cheese prevents falling down of pH that is conducive for caries-causing bacteria.

3. If you're right-handed you'll tend to chew on the right side, and on the left side in left-handed person. Test it yourself! (especially if you're a left-handed).

4. George Washington's dentures are made from walrus, hippopotamus, and cow's teeth, and also elephant tusks. Yaikss!
George Washington's real denture!

5. Queen Elizabeth I's teeth was noticeably discoloured due to high sugary-food consumption. Some said it was terribly yellowish to black and loss of few teeth caused difficulty in her articulation.

6. Crocodiles don't clean their own teeth, but let plovers clean scraps of food from them instead. Crazy! Surprisingly crocs don't bite in this case LOL.
Egyptian plover feeding on left over scraps.

7. A snail could have up to 25 000 teeth. Where? On their tongue! Really? Let's catch one and do a research!
Electron microscope 1200x.

8. Horse's teeth are extremely long and grows continuously. They wear down, change shape and undergo discolouration as they grow older. Used as age detection.
Development of horse dentition.

Just something to share. Happy Deepavali and don't forget to study! :)


  1. What i like most is, crocs don't eat their living "tooth brush"..Thnx