Friday, November 12

accidental NEWS : Farewell, farewell.

Who's leaving?

I'm really sad to say this but Dr. Akhtaruzzaman or better known as Dr. Akhtar, our former Dep. Dean of Student Affairs are leaving us for Canada in 20 days. He's been a great teacher to all of us, generously shared his knowledge and gave us a lot of guidance especially in Cons and Dental Material.

Here are some of the great moments captured during the last lecture he gave in Year 2, appreciation by farewell hugs and handshakes *awwwww sobs*.

Should old acquaintance be forgot? I hope not. Let us all pray for his success in future undertakings, and insyaallah we shall meet again!

How's the exams going on y'all? All the best! Don't forget to study despite all the nice, cold weather :)



  1. oh, tak sempat la ngan kitorang nanti...teringat waktu end block exam hari tu...dia cakap, "no guessing in this 5 yrs"(due to MCQs ) :D

  2. Haha yes dia slalu cakap mcmtuh, don't guess.