Monday, November 15

accidental NEWS : For Ladies by Ladies #2

Hello ladies! I'm back. And this time, I'll reveal what's hidden, the thing that many were asking about - the theme. Are you ready? :)

Theme of the event

What are the possible themes? Hmmmm, what if you were given a multiple choice question?
   a. Wedding ceremonies
   b. In disguise 
   c. Cultural touch
   d. Masks to conceal
   e. All of the above

And my answer is................. e. All of the above. Yes you've got it right. We're going crazy this time with the theme Masquerade bride!

Okay sit back, and relax. Don't freak out just yet. Masquerade here simply means concealment of face with masks. This is an oppurtunity for you to be creative and make your own masks. Glitters, sequins, feathers you name it. Weeeee, aren't you excited already?
 And don't be skeptical bout the bridal wear. Don't just picture a typical English white wedding gown, but it could be from any culture you can think of - Malay songket, Indian sari, Vietnamese Ao dai, Japanese kimono or you can  go contemporary if you want! Anything you wish, as long as it is descent and not forgetting, covering the aurah. You can even go Gaga if you want to, LOL.

So know that the theme has already been disclosed, happy searching for your own perfect outfit and goodluck in making your own masks during this holiday break! Oh, tips from me, just google if you need any help in the making of the masks. I'm sure there's plenty of guidance out there waiting to be discovered!

The date of the event will be announced later!

p/s : Com'on. Be a little bit sporting. Loosen up and join this event! I'm sure we'll have lots and lots of fun! See you there! Till then, bubye now :)


  1. what's the objective to have this event?

  2. They've stated the objective in the previous post. To strengthen the bond among the sisters, especially buddies.

  3. hope that we can make that objective. but need to prepare wisely as not to limit the border.
    so the tentative?