Saturday, November 20

Accidental WORLD: Top 5 Futuristic Dental Clinics #3



for your information, the details of this clinic is as follow:
name of clinic: GKK Dental Ambulatory
Architects: x Architekten

If I had a clinic like this, I'd rather stay here than being at home.
How _______________ (unexplainable) is that?
Just be sure you don't bring tomato ketchup or anything that stains over there okay.

Wednesday, November 17

accidental WISHES : EID MUBARAK!


though the wish is kinda late, it is better than not wishing kan? HAHA!


Tuesday, November 16

accidental SPECIAL : Sanah Helwa Mr. President!

Interview with the birthday boy man.

Q. How do you feel turning into a 21-yr-old man today?
     It becomes nothing if I'm far from Allah.

Q. What are your hopes and wishes?
     Hope that I'll contribute something to Islam and the society.

Q. Is it true that you're going to tie the knot anytime soon? What are the criteria you're searching for?
     Maybe about 3 or 4 years more. It is a secret :P

Q. Please draw anything that best describe your feelings at the moment.

Not everyone has the liberty of being featured in DENSS blog on their birthdays. Happy birthday Mr. President, Faiz a.k.a Paih!

To those who are travelling back home today, have a safe journey and Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha! :)

Monday, November 15

accidental NEWS : For Ladies by Ladies #2

Hello ladies! I'm back. And this time, I'll reveal what's hidden, the thing that many were asking about - the theme. Are you ready? :)

Theme of the event

What are the possible themes? Hmmmm, what if you were given a multiple choice question?
   a. Wedding ceremonies
   b. In disguise 
   c. Cultural touch
   d. Masks to conceal
   e. All of the above

And my answer is................. e. All of the above. Yes you've got it right. We're going crazy this time with the theme Masquerade bride!

Okay sit back, and relax. Don't freak out just yet. Masquerade here simply means concealment of face with masks. This is an oppurtunity for you to be creative and make your own masks. Glitters, sequins, feathers you name it. Weeeee, aren't you excited already?
 And don't be skeptical bout the bridal wear. Don't just picture a typical English white wedding gown, but it could be from any culture you can think of - Malay songket, Indian sari, Vietnamese Ao dai, Japanese kimono or you can  go contemporary if you want! Anything you wish, as long as it is descent and not forgetting, covering the aurah. You can even go Gaga if you want to, LOL.

So know that the theme has already been disclosed, happy searching for your own perfect outfit and goodluck in making your own masks during this holiday break! Oh, tips from me, just google if you need any help in the making of the masks. I'm sure there's plenty of guidance out there waiting to be discovered!

The date of the event will be announced later!

p/s : Com'on. Be a little bit sporting. Loosen up and join this event! I'm sure we'll have lots and lots of fun! See you there! Till then, bubye now :)

accidental METHODS: Flossing. Whether You Do it Correctly or You Never Did Once.

Salam and good day!

Have you ever heard about dental floss? Have you ever done once?

Here are some nice things about it (if you want to know

  1. Flossing (by the will of Allah) is able to add 6.4 extra years to your life, according to a research done by Michael F. Rozen, MD.
  2. It can get rid of the bacteria between the teeth which can cause bad breath. These bacteria are very hard to be eliminated by brushing alone.
  3. If you want shiny teeth, flossing offers a good way to have it.

So, do you have the guts to witness the steps of flossing? I bet you do yaw!

Before you start flossing, there are several types of dental floss you can choose from, to suit your convenience.

Dental Floss and Tape. Available in waxed, fluoride-coated type, different thickness and flavors.

Disposable Floss Pick. Easy to handle. Single Use only.

Let's start:

(this method applies for tape and floss type)

take 12 - 14 inches / 45cm floss

1. Wind the floss around the middle fingers of each hand and hold it tight leaving a gap of about 3 inches / 8 cm.

2. Gently glide the floss between your teeth and towards your gum line. Run carefully up and down the side of each tooth, taking care to clean under the gum line to dislodge food and plaque.

3. Repeat the process for each space, using a clean section of floss each time.

Dentists recommend that flossing should be used as part of your daily dental care regime – preferably at the end of the day before going to bed.


Well personally, I'd like to say NO.


start flossing now before you have this smile:

Having smile with this dentition, you'll find yourself standing alone in the middle of a shopping mall.

Sunday, November 14

accidental FACT : What Oral Cavity tells You.

Wonders of the Oral Cavity

Although the oral cavity is thought to be area governing the mouth, bounded above by hard and soft palate and below by tongue but it is not to be forgotten that it connects to the rest of the body. Thus dentists can actually detect other systemic diseases or pathological conditions of other parts of the body via certain indications in the oral cavity.

So this is seriously serious guys, let's ponder on what the oral cavity tells you. Well, a smart dentist (doctor) knows this as a warning message!

Flat, Worn Teeth, and Headache

This indicates they might be a tooth-grinder! It is also called bruxism where they grind their teeth during sleep and most of of them are not even aware of it. It is a sign of emotional and psychological stress. So don't undergo stress big-time y'all. It's no good. It can also cause headache where muscle spasms during grinding and can radiate to head and neck. Anyway, mouth guards can be used to prevent further destruction.

Crack, Crumbling Teeth

In older people, this usually occurs due to Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) where regurgitation of acid from the stomach back to oral cavity, probably due to damage or change in the sphincters. But this can occur at any age, and in younger age it may indicate bulimia, a disorder where the sufferer vomits the food before being digested. Thus acid from the stomach can erode and disintegrate tooth structures.

Persistent Sores

Most of us must have an experience of having an ulcer or sore in the mouth, and usually caused by accidentally biting or nervous habit but when a sore persists more than 2 weeks this might be an oral cancer. Only 35% survived, but this is because of late detection. More oftenly occur in smokers and people aged over 60. So if the sore appears white or red instead of pink, better consult a dentist or a doctor.

Gums Overgrowing Teeth

When a patient is under certain medications, for example in heart diseases or drugs that suppress the immune system, it can stimulate swelling of the gum and grow over the teeth. Thus it might provide room for caries formation and periodontal diseases as good oral hygiene is hard to achieve. This requires adjustment of the dosage of drugs.

Dry Mouth

Many factors can cause dry mouth, ranging from medications to allergies and to smoking. But it might also indicate autoimmune diseases : Sjogren's syndrome and Diabetes. Sjogren's is a condition where WBC of the body attacks own salivary glands and other mucous-producing glands, while diabetes type 1 or type 2 is a metabolic disease due to high blood sugar.

White Webbing in Inner Cheeks

The thing that you don't expect to discover in the mouth is a skin disease called Lichen planus. It appears as whitish, lacy pattern with bumpy appearance. Mucous membrane of the mouth are often the first target (70%) and can also occur in other parts, such as vagina.

Crusting Dentures

In elderly, rarely people would connect any diseases with dentures but aspiration pneumonia can occur due to inhalation of foreign material into lungs and airways, leading to serious inflammation which could be fatal. Therefore patients need to be advised on denture hygiene : proper brushing of denture, removed denture daily, and stored in cleansing solution.

There are many more conditions like syphillis, HIV, vitamin deficiency, that manifests symptoms in the oral cavity. Therefore, prevention is better than cure! Take good care of your oral hygiene and early detection of any disease might save your life. Don't hesitate to consult professionals :)

Saturday, November 13

accidental NEWS : For Ladies by Ladies.

Attention to all Ladies!

Do you know your buddies well enough? Rumor has it that there will be a night dedicated to ladies, to strengthen bonds despite of diversities. But you haven't heard about the best part yet - the theme. Be patient ladies, details will be updated soon.

This has just been the most anticipated event before the closure of 2010. Girls just wanna have some fun!

Anyway, it is STRICTLY ladies only! XOXO

accidental FUN FACTS: #2 Do You Know?


Fact 1: The Chinese has declared 20th September every year a holiday and called it "LOVE YOUR TEETH DAY". We should make one yaw!

Fact 2: People of the ancient times thought that it was the "TOOTH WORM" which caused toothache. It was thought the "worm" consumed the inner part of the teeth until the teeth are destroyed.

Fact 3: EEEEEW. The dentists in the olden days did dental transplantation by transferring teeth from a dead body and implanting it into a living patient's jawbones!

Fact 4: The Germany people during the middle ages would kiss donkeys if they ever wanted to get rid of toothache! YYERKS!

Fact 5: The Greek physician Hippocrates (400BC) suggested a toothpaste made from three mice and the head of a hare to cure toothache. WHAT?!

Fact 6: In the past, some people would tie a frog to their jaws to loosen a firm tooth!

Care to tie a frog anyone? You might be lucky you kiss the frog and it turns into a prince who could help extracting the tooth.

Friday, November 12

accidental NEWS : Farewell, farewell.

Who's leaving?

I'm really sad to say this but Dr. Akhtaruzzaman or better known as Dr. Akhtar, our former Dep. Dean of Student Affairs are leaving us for Canada in 20 days. He's been a great teacher to all of us, generously shared his knowledge and gave us a lot of guidance especially in Cons and Dental Material.

Here are some of the great moments captured during the last lecture he gave in Year 2, appreciation by farewell hugs and handshakes *awwwww sobs*.

Should old acquaintance be forgot? I hope not. Let us all pray for his success in future undertakings, and insyaallah we shall meet again!

How's the exams going on y'all? All the best! Don't forget to study despite all the nice, cold weather :)


Thursday, November 11


Salam and a nice day for you!


It is now known that lots of people are demanding upon teeth whitening procedure. And in the advertisement on television alone, loads of teeth whitening products are shown every single day. In your point of view, white teeth are nice to see. Indeed they really are.

However, there are still some things you should know about your teeth color.

According to Professor Al-Bazirgan from Kulliyyah of Dentistry, International Islamic University Malaysia, it is not that the teeth color itself is white/yellow. It contrasts with the skin color. If one's skin is dark. So the teeth appear white. And vice versa for the white skin. This is unavoidable. If you have fair skin and yellow teeth, be grateful with it.
Now you judge: Whose teeth appear more prominent in term of shade?

Another cause to teeth shade difference is the translucency of enamel. Enamel is the outermost layer of a tooth. It is usually translucent. Underlying the enamel is the dentin. Dentin is yellow in color. Therefore, you can imagine how your teeth become yellow right?

normal structure of a tooth

Moreover, aging also plays an important role in giving the teeth their color. Over a long period of time staining agents generally seep in to your teeth giving it a yellowish tinge. Also, the enamel wears down and the natural yellow color of the underlying dentin becomes visible.

And most importantly, your oral care hygiene can also contribute to this matter. Brush your teeth twice a day if you want to get clean and good looking dentition. (And refer to this link for the proper toothbrushing technique)

Watch out for your habits as they may impart the color as well. Smoking as a good example, may cause nicotine deposition on tooth surface and therefore causing discoloration of your teeth. STOP SMOKING NOW!
Tea, coffee, soda and colored food are not to be ignored. Be moderate in whatever food you take. It is not about the color, but it is about health.


Things that you can avoid, try to avoid them - if you want to have white teeth.

Away from keyboard now,
Filani Fauzi

Wednesday, November 10

accidental WORLD : Top 5 Futuristic Dental Clinics #2

Hello all. I'm back with the second dental clinic enlisted as futuristic dental clinics around the world, the Brauner Wegner Priehn Dental Practice. It is located in Hamburg, Germany. The interior designer is J. Mayer H. Architects that did an awesome work featuring blue and brown plasterboards with polyurethane foam chairs.

Waiting area.

Examination and treatment cubicals.

A wall that seperates the waiting room from a closed examination room, which can be rotated away, transforming into a medical auditorium.

The name Brauner Wegner Priehn actually refers to the names of the 3 doctors that runs the centre, Dr. Med. Klaudia Brown, Dr. Med. Torsten Weigner and Dr. Karsten Priehn respectively. Among the services provided are mainly orthodontics (such as Invisalign braces, fixed or removable braces), treatment of TMJ disorders and also other basic dental treatments.

From left to right : Priehn, Wegner, Brauner.

It is such an inspiration, and oh did you notice about the rotating wall thingy? It's something like our future lecture halls in the new Kulliyyah which have retractable seats and all, providing space for examinations to be conducted. How cool is that!

But I still think KU64 beats this one, in futuristic point of view. About the services, I have no say :)

And to all that are facing end-block 2 examination tomorrow, GOODLUCK! 

Tuesday, November 9


SALAM and Good day everyone!

You don't want this tragedy to happen to you right?

I'm quite sure every single person on this earth possesses at least 1 toothbrush. Very good. Dentists are happy right now!

However, holding toothbrush and brushing forth and backward on tooth surface do not ensure the cleanliness of your oral cavity, unless you do it the right way.


From the sensation of your tongue, you might say it's clean. But from microscopic observation, there are still bacteria living inside. Crawling, clinging and sliding happily on your tooth surface.

  1. To begin with, a correct toothbrush MUST be selected. Toothbrush with thin and soft bristles offers the most promising and satisfying results.
  2. Apply a suitable amount of toothpaste on the brush. Do not have it excessively since it may cause FLUOROSIS and also a waste of toothpaste kan? Fluorosis is a result of excessive deposition of fluoride on tooth surface. Like picture below.
  3. Hold it with your hand and place it on your teeth at 45° angle.
  4. Follow these simple steps:

For a beginner, it might be a bit annoying and difficult. But later with times, you'll find it very interesting and easy. Very important: Spend 2 minutes of your time to brush.

It is to give adequate time for the fluoride and phosphate ions to re-mineralize your teeth structures. And therefore, the chance of getting dental caries can be reduced! YEEHA!

Tell this to your friends and they'll call you "dentist" hahaha!

Brush twice a day! Before breakfast OR the best is before Subh prayer and before bed.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, GO FOR YOUR DENTAL CHECKUP REGULARLY! This is to ensure that there is no underlying problems in spite of your non-bleeding gum.

Why didn't we show a video of normal toothbrushing technique (forward and backward style)? It is because that technique causes more damage to the gums. If you are still persistent on brushing the old way, look at the consequences you may have with prolonged wrong technique:

Dental abrasion

Moreover, those people who are having problem with bleeding gum during brushing can have this technique as a solution to their problems since this brushing technique does not go against the vertical direction of the gum line. GOODLUCK! =)

Filani Fauzi

Monday, November 8

accidental LOL : Does Your Breath Stinks?

Bad breath.

Have you ever encountered someone with halitosis, or the layman's term - bad breath? It can be very intriguing  and discouraging to people around, especially during face-to-face conversations. And do you know that usually the person having this problem didn't realize about it? And more surprisingly, you as an outsider, a friend indeed who realize it often kept silent and pretend like nothing's wrong! Gosh, it's a custom of having to be polite, i assume?

Here's the thing. A really good friend or relatives and etc. would overpass the risk of being yelled at for telling the truth, and choose to be honest. This is very important because why? It can improve one's quality of life, boost up their confidence level and of course, improve one's oral hygiene as the ultimate goal.

What are the Causes of Bad Breath?

It is very unpleasant and embarrassing, but it is curable. If you don't suffer from halitosis, take preventive measures from now, and if you do know someone with bad breath, inform them in a friendly manner. I'm sure they will appreciate your concern. Start now!

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Oh but wait a minute, Super-Kal-is-Fragilistic-'cept-for-halitosis? That's not the right word used by Mary Poppins. Anyway, let's create an environment full of love and peace from bad breath. Ha ha.

Sunday, November 7


'sup guys!

Well you might get bumped into these people saying "aren't dentists dealing only with teeth je?"

exsqueeze moi! ("excuse me!" version for non-French language student)

  • First of all, don't get pissed off.
  • Second, take a deep breath. Inhale. Exhale.
  • Third, be prepared to convey these info:
Definition of dentistry:

Dentistry, which is a part of stomatology, is the branch of medicine that is involved in the evaluation, diagnosis, prevention, and surgical or non-surgical treatment of diseases, disorders and conditions of the oral cavity, maxillofacial area and the adjacent and associated structures and their impact on the human body. (wiki)

"which 'adjacent and associated structures'???" they ask.

  • Teeth, as what most of the dentists do, kan?
  • Maxillofacial area (relating to or involving maxilla and FACE!) as in the job of our Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons.
  • some systemic diseases might have manifestations in the oral cavity. Dentists are highly appreciated in this case.
(patient manifesting syphilis through appearance of painless ulcer in oral cavity)
  • Head and Neck regions. Otherwise, why would you spend your tiring first year to study Head and Neck anatomy?????

But don't pick a fight yaw!

Filani Fauzi, signing out.

Saturday, November 6

accidental NEWS : IIUM Corporate Video 2010

New Corporate Video?

Hello everyone. Salam and good morning!

Remember the other day when there were cameraman and photographer came to shoot in each and every kulliyyah? Well, the video is out!

Find out if you are featured  :)

Comments :
Personally, too much of Gombak campus tho. But to think of it, comparing Kuantan campus to that of Gombak, there's nothing much to be included. Haha. So be patient, maybe next year when new Kulliyyahs, mosque, admin, and not to forget our very own sports complex launched, they might include more of our lovely Kuantan campus. 

Insyaallah :)

Friday, November 5

accidental WORLD : Top 5 Futuristic Dental Clinics #1

Who are on the chart of world's futuristic dental clinics? In this issue, I'll reveal to you one of the top 5, KU64 which features a unique concept, visioned by owner, Dr. Stephen Ziegler and splendid interior design by GRAFT Architects.

What will you receive?

Visitors experience a sunny, sandy dune atmosphere. Dune is some sort of hill of sands created by interaction with the wind. Anyway, back to the subject, it has a spectacular waiting lounge and aroma of fresh coffee and music fills the room. It is about 1500m2, located in Kurfurstendamm, Berlin, Germany.


Waiting area.

Treatment room.

Rooftop view.
 What are the treatment services provided?

They range from Conservative to Esthetics Dentistry, Bleeching, Endodontics, Prophylaxis, Implantology, Inlays, TMJ therapy, Orthodontics, Pediatrics, Prosthodontics, Oral surgery. They also have their own laboratory!

Besides that, located on the ground floor is a Cosmetic Studio, with services like face cosmetics, hair removal, nail and skin treatment.

To create an inviting environment for children, playrooms are made where while waiting, they can have fun playing PS, playgrounds, toys, watching movies, and reading books.

Ain't this cool? Visit their site here!