Thursday, October 28

accidental NEWS : DENSS Official Blog!

New blog in town?

Salam and greetings to all! 

As we all are now aware of the new lineup for DENSS 2010/2011 session, lead by our president Br. Muhd Faiz bin Muhammad, this also brings in new committee members, new features in DENSS with the hope of better improvement in every aspect.

If you're thinking why this blog is created, simply because despite the hectic schedules during the day and personal individual activities during the night, I must least there's a medium for all of us to eventually spend a little bit of our time to share our thoughts and get together via this blog. This is what we hope for, as a part of our new vision and mission.

What's in store?

We'll bring to you current issues on what's happening inside our Kulliyyah, latest gossips, and on top of that we'll also include dentistry news so that you'll not only be geeks and nerdies but a well-developed dentist-to-be. You don't want to be a quack dentist, do you? Haha.

So, because we are still new, we need your support to make this a success. Please do leave your comments and suggestions ya!

Good luck and all the best to our newly-elected DENSS committee. Help us to help you! :)



  1. from seriously serious to totally pointless??? what's that?? thanx to cik leha kita yang buat belog ni, belog utk semua, semua jom berbelog skrg

  2. nice one=)
    keep up a good work ^-^

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