Friday, October 29

accidental NEWS : Intervarsity Sports Carnival is back! #1

Dentists and sports?

Well, says who dentists can't play sports. In fact we have several skillful, awesome sportsmen and sportswomen! So, this year the sports carnival are held in Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Kelantan. Our very own squad are scheduled to depart from Kuantan tonight at 9.00pm.

So brothers and sisters, pack your jersey, sports attire and shoes, and let's hit the road!

Words from Chief de mission

Br. Filzri Zulkifli said, "This time around, we strongly belief that we can nail badminton and also hoping that our futsal (sisters) team can maintain the gold medal achieved last year. Besides, futsal (brothers) team got second place last year and hopefully after kicking balls for almost everyday for the past few weeks, we could be better than last year." He also added that this year is the first time our Kulliyyah is sending players for handball and squash. Not to forget, goodluck to ping pong and netball team. Make us proud ya!

What's new?

Introducing new KOD jersey! Have you got yourself one? I heard that it's the coolest jersey ever since it can be spotted even from 100 meters away. Hahah. Kudos to the brains behind the-making-of this jersey. 

Here's how it looks like.

Told ya it's cool. Anyway, last but not least, goodluck to all players! Play hard and bring back some medals ya?

Break a leg! :)


  1. hehe, tergelak tgk gambar2 nih

  2. purple rulez!!! HAHAHA.... =D

  3. now i know y smlm korg pkai baju ni.. haha..
    i hate that jersey tho..
    it just me.. i think..

  4. Haha, because purple is sort of KOD's official colour, we just have to embrace it :D

  5. oghe kelate cakap purple ni "putih star" hahaha... =D