Thursday, April 28


Assalamualaikum. Here are the details of the programme. There are several activities :

1) Here is the copy of the registration form, just an overview of the price for separate activities. Don't need to fill it individually as it is a collective form for each university. If interested in any event, pls contact Bro. Fikri (4th year) at 0134013906.

Conference for Dental Student is RM200. Pre-Congress Conference is optional and charged separately according to the topic/speaker as stated above.

Besides the main congress, there are events such as :
  1. 1Malaysia 1Dental Family Night (11th June) - RM200
  2. Golf Tournament (8th June) - RM200
  3. Informal Night (10th June) - RM40

Tentative of the congress are as follows :

2) Dental Students GALA DINNER 2011 : Held in Bora Ombak, Ampang KL on 11th June. RM45 each with the theme "Costume Party".
3) Amazing Race : 12th June 2011 (refer tentative)

They also provide hotel booking service (optional) :

Also refer to MDA official website for more info.
Or view in PDF
Any inquiries or if you are interested, contact Bro. Fikri (4th Year). Thank you.


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